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Grace Acres Farm has long been a pipe dream and today our family works hard to keep that dream alive. Living in the rat race we all call “life” drove us to take a hard look in the mirror and ask ourselves if we were passionate about what we were doing, and equally important, were we living purposeful lives? When we breathe our last breath what legacy will be left behind? Did we leave this world better than we entered it? How will our children experience life? Will they be a part of the solution or part of the problem? These are real world issues that keep many parents awake at night and we were no exception.


Grace Acres Farm is comprised of two brothers and their families who are passionate about providing people with healthy alternatives to help combat the challenges of this world in which we live. Our pristine 80-acre farm is nestled into the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Mother Nature is good to us as we receive more days of sunshine than anywhere else in North America. Combine that with our fertile soil and we have some of the most beautiful, healthy, cannabinoid-rich plants in all of the land. But, that’s only the beginning of our labor-intensive process. With the help of our combined seven sons we tend to each plant hand-plucking only the best buds. From there we immediately flash-freeze these premium buds to help preserve the plant in its most natural state. After stripping the delicate trichomes we place them in a chamber and lower the pressure while dropping the temperatures. Lastly, we re-introduce heat and apply an immense amount of pressure extracting only the purest rosin from each bud. This patent-pending process helps us avoid using any gases or harmful additives, keeping our finished product 100% organic. Our extreme passion for what we do, along with nature’s grace, has allowed us to provide our consumers with a revolutionary and all-natural solventless CBD oil. Whether you find yourself suffering from an autoimmune disease, anxiety, depression, stress, or chronic pain our all-natural line of CBD products will provide the healing and relief you are looking for.


At Grace Acres Farm we value the gift of life. It’s precious and too often we are reminded just how short it is. We are determined to continue finding solutions to everyday problems so this life can be fully and properly experienced. We aren’t meant to merely survive our day to day life, but to thrive in it. We truly believe that every little bit of attention to detail can result in something magical. There are so many wonderful alternatives out there – it’s our goal to constantly raise the bar with each one of you in mind. We wake up every day passionate about serving humanity. It makes the long days under the sun tilling and caring for the land extremely rewarding and purposeful. We’ve all been afforded grace throughout life and it’s our mission to continue living a life that exudes grace in every sense of the meaning. From our family to yours, cheers!

- The Grace Acres Farm Family

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