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Wholesale Guide - CBD Flower in Colorado

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Cannabis entrepreneurs around the world have long looked to Colorado as an example of how to properly approach the marijuana and hemp industries. While Colorado’s cannabis laws have complexified significantly over the last few years, this state continues to foster some of the most progressive positions toward cannabis anywhere to be found within the United States. It’s no surprise, therefore, that demand for hemp products in Colorado continues to rise. In this guide, find out if it’s legal to sell CBD flower in Colorado, discover the best CBD flower products to sell in this state, and find out why now is the right time to start selling CBD flower in the Mile High State.

Is CBD flower legal to sell in Colorado?

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (2018 Farm Bill) made it legal to cultivate industrial hemp containing less than 0.3% THC throughout the United States. It’s still up to individual states to decide how, exactly, they want to regulate hemp production within their borders, but this piece of legislation opened the door to legal hemp commerce throughout the country. Colorado was a little bit ahead of the game, however. In January of 2017, nearly two full years before the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, Colorado passed the Colorado Industrial Hemp Farming Act into law as a provision of the state’s recreational marijuana laws. Significantly prior to industrial hemp farming becoming legal throughout the rest of the country, therefore, Colorado had already given the green light to farmers within its borders who wanted to start producing CBD-rich hemp. Over the last few years, Colorado legislators and bureaucrats have made something of a fuss over the inclusion of CBD in food and beverage products. Currently, three separate Colorado state agencies are battling it out to decide how to regulate CBD when used in ingestible products, but at the same time, the state has made it clear that it has no stake in CBD products that you don’t eat or drink. To quote the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), “Colorado law does not currently provide any requirements for the manufacturing, processing, or selling of non-food industrial hemp or hemp products.” Considering how keen Colorado has been to extract as much tax revenue as possible from its recreational marijuana program, this stance may change at some point. Right now, however, Colorado does not hold a particular position on CBD flower commerce, thus reverting to federal law, which has given the “okay” to the CBD flower industry.

Is it legal to sell CBD flower in Colorado?

According to the CDPHE, there are no restrictions currently in place preventing the sale of CBD flower products within Colorado. To be clear, Colorado and the federal government define “CBD flower” as Cannabis sativa that contains less than 0.3% THC. Any Cannabis sativa buds that contain more than this THC concentration, regardless of how much CBD they contain, can only be sold under the auspices of Colorado’s recreational marijuana program, which has strict regulatory requirements. There are no bans on CBD flower in place in Colorado, and Colorado law does not take any particular stance on the sale of CBD flower. In states where recreational marijuana remains illegal, CBD flower can pose a problem since it’s impossible to distinguish from THC-rich marijuana without performing lab tests. Since marijuana is already legal in Colorado, however, allowing CBD flower commerce does not promote confusion or lead to any unjustified arrests.

Are CBD vape cartridges legal in Colorado?

Colorado’s stance on CBD vape cartridges can be somewhat more confusing than this state’s position on CBD flower. Starting in January of 2021, for instance, it will be illegal to sell flavored tobacco products in Colorado, and it’s easy to conflate this tobacco vape ban with a ban on CBD vape products. Since CBD vape cartridges don’t contain tobacco or nicotine, however, they are exempt from Colorado’s upcoming ban. Instead, CBD vape cartridge commerce in Colorado falls under the jurisdiction of the state’s laws regarding CBD commerce, which dictate that non-ingestible CBD products can be sold freely throughout Colorado.

Best CBD flower products to sell in Colorado?

Now that you’re confident that Colorado’s state laws won’t prevent you from selling CBD flower or CBD vape products, it’s time to discover the best inhalable CBD products to sell in the Mile High State. Colorado has a long and storied history of cannabis use, and savvy entrepreneurs will capitalize on the state’s rich cannabis culture as they choose the right CBD flower and vape products to offer:

Grace Acres Farm Frosted Kush CBD buds

There’s nothing more “Colorado cannabis” than Kush. Indica-dominant cannabis strains pair perfectly with the relaxing, sunny aura that permeates the Mile High State, and there’s no better CBD-rich Indica strain on the market than Grace Acres Frosted Kush. We offer three different types of Frosted Kush products at, and when combined, this strain has more than 660 reviews and a five-star rating average. Frosty and beautiful with more than 20.9% CBD, Frosted Kush is an all-star CBD hemp flower product that deserves a spot on your shelves.

Grace Acres Farm Sunny Dreams CBD pre-rolls

Like all Grace Acres Farm flower products, Sunny Dreams is indoor-grown and organic, and this sativa-dominant hybrid captures the vibes and terpene profile of one of Colorado’s most beloved strains, Honolulu Haze. This artisan-quality flower is covered with crystals, and it comes with third-party lab tests to prove its potency and purity.

Grace Acres Farm Solventless CBD vape cartridges

Offer what Colorado cannabis consumers are looking for with our all glass, solventless CBD vape versions of the most iconic CBD-rich cannabis strains. Our solventless vape cartridges feature live-rosin terpenes derived from CBD-rich cannabis plants, and they’re guaranteed to contain less than 0.3% THC. Offered in an 800mg size, Grace Acres Farm vape cartridges don’t contain heavy metals, fillers, additives, or any artificial ingredients whatsoever.

Why you should sell Grace Acres Farm CBD flower in Colorado

Since Colorado hasn’t imposed any restrictions on inhalable CBD products, there’s nothing holding you back from shooting for the stars and offering the best of the best when it comes to CBD flower and vapes. Grace Acre Farm’s distinctive black-and-gold packaging stands out impressively on the shelf, and every product we produce is equipped with detailed information labels and QR codes that customers can scan to learn more. Our brand offers the highest caliber of CBD flower quality available on the market, and in a state as cannabis-suffused as Colorado, consumers are on the hunt for the best hemp products available.

Countless consumers want to know where to buy CBD flower in Colorado

Maybe they’re unenthused with Colorado’s sky-high recreational marijuana prices, or perhaps they’re disillusioned with THC. On the other hand, they might love THC, but they’re simply on the hunt for new experiences. Whatever the case may be, consumers across Colorado are constantly searching for high-quality CBD flower, and they’ll happily drive to your store instead of waiting a few days for a Grace Acres Farm package to arrive in the mail. Cannabis is as “Colorado” as skiing or the Rocky Mountains, and Grace Acres Farm takes the power of non-intoxicating cannabis to the next level. Contact us to place your first wholesale order today.

- Grace Acres Farm

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