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Rich Flavor


Maximum terpene & resin production create the most flavorful, and smooth experience possible





Each bud is carefully manicured by hand in order to preserve delicate trichomes and create the most beautiful appeal


High Potency

Growing organically, in living soil, allows us to maximize cannabinoid and terpene production


CBD Rich Cannabis

Premium CBD Flower

High CBD



Full Spectrum of






Tested For



Grown Organically, In Living Soil

Premium CBD Hemp

Harvested By Hand

We believe the only way to preserve the integrity and quality of the flowers is to harvest each crop by hand. Harvesting by hand ensures cannabis flower heads remain clean and their resin trichomes remain intact. Unharmed and mature resin trichomes are vital for smokable hemp flower because they contain most of the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes that produce the plant’s flavor, fragrance and therapeutic effects.

Organic, Pure, and Potent

Our flowers are grown 100% organically. It’s simple; organically grown cannabis plants produce much better tasting, purer cannabis products. Organic products like fruit and vegetables are renowned for not only tasting better but also being more nutritious. Well, we believe the same is true for organic cannabis. At the end of the day, it is proven that organically grown cannabis has higher concentrations of cannabinoids and fuller terpene profiles purer cannabis. Cannabis products are often labelled as “natural” when compared to other, more elaborated drugs. Unfortunately, the way that plant is grown isn’t always so natural. Conventional cannabis growers use a whole variety of chemicals throughout their plants' lifecycles. And, regardless of how well the plants have been flushed or treated, some of those chemicals will undoubtedly end up being ingested. So, if getting a pure, natural product is important to you, it's time to enjoy a little bit of nature's grace with our full line of organic cannabis products.

Living Soil Cannabis


Enhance Lives Through

Nature's Grace

At Grace Acres Farm we value the gift of life. It’s precious and too often we are reminded just how short it is. We are determined to continue finding solutions to everyday problems so this life can be fully and properly experienced. We aren’t meant to merely survive our day to day life, but to thrive in it. We truly believe that every little bit of attention to detail can result in something magical. There are so many wonderful alternatives out there – it’s our goal to constantly raise the bar with each one of you in mind. We wake up every day passionate about serving humanity. It makes the long days under the sun tilling and caring for the land extremely rewarding and purposeful. We’ve all been afforded grace throughout life and it’s our mission to continue living a life that exudes grace in every sense of the meaning. Our goal has always been to produce unique products that we ourselves would be excited to consume, which is why we focus on only the highest quality, small batch, consistent products and experiences, and this time, we can ship them straight to your door. From our family to yours, cheers!

- Grace Acres Farm

Premium CBD Flower
Premium CBD Flower
Premium CBD Flower


Premium CBD Flower & Extracts


OG Honolulu Haze


OG Casino Cookies


OG Sunset Road Sherbet

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